Networking Digital Humanities Centers

Networking Digital Humanities Centers

Part of the Building Digital Humanities virtual conference

November 16 (Australia time) / November 15 (Eastern time)

Part of panel with Melanie Conroy, Isabel Galina, and Ernesto Priani Saisó

Updated to include the recording of the panel below

I am delighted to be included in this conversation about networking DH centers (panel info and links to registration). I have become involved with CenterNet very recently and appreciate the opportunity to represent Digital Humanities at MSU in this conversation and in that organization. My part of the panel and associated slides focus on how DH Centers can become more connected through networking activities undertaken by the individuals that are a part of those Centers. Overall, I hope that my advice and ideas are of use to others, and I look forward to learning more myself!


Session Abstract

How can DH centres, especially smaller   centres or emerging centres, network with other digital humanities’ groups   and initiatives? Representatives from centerNet, an international   network of digital humanities centers and from Red de Humanidades Digitales,   a network of DH scholars in the Spanish-speaking world, discuss building   lasting and effective connections with other DH scholars and labs. They give   some practical tips for scholars starting out and for new labs or established institutes who would like to grow their international connections. The   speakers also give ideas for sustaining connections and ensuring that collaborators feel valued and included in decision-making. Using the enterNet   Resources for Starting and Sustaining DH Centers, the panelists discuss ways to get involved in local and international networks and how to integrate a centre or institute into the worldwide network of digital humanities centres, including co-applying for funding, joining larger projects, and joining the many international organisations   that connect DH researchers and institutes globally.

This panel is sponsored by centerNet. centerNet is an international network of digital humanities centres formed for cooperative and collaborative action to benefit digital humanities and allied fields in general, and centres as humanities cyberinfrastructure in particular. Anchored by its   publication DHCommons, centerNet enables individual DH Centers to network internationally — sharing and building on projects, tools, staff,   and expertise. Through initiatives such as Day(s) of DH and Resources   for Starting and Sustaining DH Centers, centerNet provides a virtual DH center for isolated DH projects and platform for educating the   broader scholarly community about Digital Humanities. Regional centerNet   affiliates have been established in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, and   the U.K. and Ireland, each with a steering committee. For more   information, see

Session Recording

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