DH+Lib: What I’m Reading This Summer

DH+Lib: What I’m Reading This Summer

I wrote up a post for DH+Lib about things I am reading this summer. Check it out!

Here is an excerpt:

As summer shifts into fall planning, I find my reading oriented toward articles that I may assign to my students alongside writings that speak to the DH values I try to put at the center of my work as a practitioner. After reading these three articles and providing a bit of a summary, I have noticed a common thread: we are still working out what DH really means in practice. What rhetoric do we use to frame our relationships to each other, or how we introduce people to our practices? What infrastructures shape what is possible and how we carry things out? And truly at the center of it all: how can we avoid being spread too thinly, whether on committees, in consultations, or across methodologies?

Mapes, K. (2018) What I’m reading this summer: Kristen Mapes. DH+Lib Review: What are you reading? https://acrl.ala.org/dh/2018/08/09/what-im-reading-this-summer-kristen-mapes/

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