Introduction to Digital Humanities (DH285) – Fall 2017

Introduction to Digital Humanities (DH285) – Fall 2017

Introduction to Digital Humanities (DH285)
Michigan State University, Fall 2017
T/TH 10:20-11:40am

See the course syllabus in Trello

Screenshot of Trello syllabus


Selected student final projects (permission granted by the creators):

Pure Michigan on Instagram

Screenshot of header image with coastline of Michigan Screenshot of statistics with text on left and instagram images on rightScreenshot showing Tableau analysis with map showing locations of Instagram posts Screenshot showing Imageplot section of project with text and two images of plots

The President During Wartime

Screenshot of homepage header with FDR, Stalin, and Churchill seated Screenshot of video showing network graph with timeline element and text annotation

Banned Books in the United States from 1885-Present

Screenshot of landing page showing title with bookshelf in background Screenshot showing categories of banned textsScreenshot of map with points and overlayed text explaining the content


Download the syllabus as a PDF

See the course syllabus in Google Docs


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