Tutorial: Importing ORCiD Publications List into a WordPress Site

Tutorial: Importing ORCiD Publications List into a WordPress Site

Update (10/2017): It seems the Impactpubs plugin is no longer working or being updated. We at MSU are looking for an alternative, but for now, the tutorial below will not work.

Once you have an ORCiD account set up, you can create a system that will automatically update your publications list on your WordPress site based on your publications in your ORCiD account. Here’s how to do it, using my account as an example.

This is what my publications list looks like in ORCiD:
List of publications from ORCiD profile page

And here is my ORCiD ID information:
Name and ORCiD ID number

  1. In the WordPress site, go to the plugins section, and click “add new”:
    Wordpress dashboard showing plugins page
  2. Then, search for “orcid” and select “install now” under the ImpactPubs plugin:
    Search result showing ImpactPubs plugin and Install button highlighted
    Then, “Activate” the plugin:
    Search result showing ImpactPubs plugin and Activate button highlighted
  3. Now you can see ImpactPubs in the plugin list. On the left panel of the screen there is also a “My Publications” option. Select it:
    Wordpress dashboard with My Publications option highlighted
  4. Make sure the ORCiD option is selected:
    My Publications settings section with ORCiD publication source option highlighted
  5. Then navigate back to your ORCiD profile, and copy your ORCiD ID number and paste it into the “Identifier” box. Once you have saved the settings, you will see a list of the publications displayed below. Copy the [ publications name=master] shortcode text.
    My Publications settings section with Identifier field and shortcode highlighted
  6. Either create a new page for your website, or go to edit a page that you already have set up. Then paste the [ publications name=master] shortcode text into the body of the page, and Save.
    Editing view of a new page with shortcode entered in text edit box
  7. And that’s it! You can see your list of publications, formatted in a readable way. This list will automatically update as your ORCiD profile publication list updates, so you don’t need to worry about it.
    Published wordpress publications page with list of articles showing


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