Medieval Studies Twitter List Revisited

Medieval Studies Twitter List Revisited

Back in 2014, I began compiling a List on Twitter of Medieval Studies scholars and handles. At that time, I compiled 801 Twitter handles together. Since then, the list has grown in spurts, and now it has 1,068 people and groups. And I’m thrilled to see that 110 people are following the list.

The goal for the list is to be an entry point for new scholars to discover their field on Twitter. It could also be useful for those already on Twitter to discover colleagues and institutions of interest. You can read more about the motivation behind and construction of the list in this post: Building a Medieval Studies Community on Twitter: A List.

Screenshot of recently added members to Twitter list

If you would like to be added to (or removed from) the list, just let me know. If you have found it useful, I’d love to hear about it!

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